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New feature: post changelogs, deals, milestones and launches27 days ago

Upgraded members can now claim a tool and post:

- changelogs

- deals

- milestones

- launches

These posts will appear on several places all over RamenTools, along with links to the tool's website.

You are actually reading one now :D


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Lifetime Deal for Early Birds29 days ago

Here comes the first deal on RamenTools:

This lifetime deal for the 100 first users is a one-time payment of $27 instead of $47 !

It will give you access to the Golden Ramen membership :

- Golden checkmark

- Increased visibility of your profile

- Increased dofollow links for your bio and your tools

- You can claim 1 tool, for which you can write changelogs, milestones, offer deals, and ask for help when you launch on PH, HN, Reddit, etc.

* Every increased visibility will improve the SEO juice towards your profile and your websites' links.


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We are 1,000 makers!1 month ago

RamenTools was launched 3 months ago as a side-project.

And today we are 1,000 users!

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20,000 unique visitors and 100,000 pageviews!1 month ago

Those are some huge numbers!

If you like numbers and metrics as much as I do, head to the RamenTools analytics page, all our metrics are public.


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New features : costs1 month ago

Click on a tool on your dashboard to open the Side Panel, and click the "Edit" tab.

You will be able to mention your costs for this tool, it could be:

- a monthly/yearly subscription.

- a one-time payment.

- a free tier.

- a completely free tool.

You can make this information public or private, in your profile settings (only you can see it).

PS: All the amounts are in USD. Please convert from your currency to USD if needed.

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800 users!1 month ago

We are now 800 makers on Ramen.Tools.

It has been slowing down a little bit since the Product Hunt launch, but we are surely heading to 1,000!

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New feature: pick your one and only favorite tool!1 month ago

Go to "Edit profile" and select the one tool from your dashboard that you think is either :

- the most useful for someone getting started in their indiehacker journey.

- the one you could not do without.

- the one that brings you the most results.

The results will be shown on a page of the most useful tools among indie makers.


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Launching on Product Hunt2 months ago

On April 16th I launched RamenTools on Product Hunt and we got 550 upvotes, ending up #2 product of the day.

This launch resulted in more than 5,000 visitors over the following days and 300 new users on RamenTools.

Thank you everyone for your amazing support!


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The mini-game is live!2 months ago

Few days before launching on Product Hunt, I prepared a little game.

Let's see if it goes viral. At least I had a lot of fun!

It's all about the tools and their logos. Play 60 seconds a day and reach the top of the leaderboard at the end of the month!

So here comes my question: Do you know your tools?


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200 users!2 months ago

We are 200 indie makers on RamenTools!

There are so many interesting profiles, stacks and tools.


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New feature: Set your role, location and objectives.2 months ago

You can now set your role, location and objectives in your profile/bio.

For example, you may want to mention you are #indiemaker, #solopreneur and #youtuber, and you live in #france where you are looking for a #remotejob

These tags will give you more visibility all other RamenTools and especially in the Explore pages. It's really a must!


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100 users!3 months ago

After a successful launch on X, we are now 100 users on RamenTools.

While RamenTools is still a MVP, this is definitely a huge milestone for me.

100 makers, 100 stacks, that's also 500 tools and plenty of interesting data!

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RamenTools is live!4 months ago

After a short month working on it, what was supposed to be a feature of Twelve Tools has become a website on its own.

Share with us what tools you are using!


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