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The Ramen Tools Game

Spicy Edition

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How to play

Pick the name of the tool corresponding to the logo.

You have 60 seconds to find as many as possible!

- The game has 4 phases, changing each 15 seconds.
- The higher the phase, the more points you get for each correct answer.
- Every wrong answer will cost you to lose 3 points.

1 : getting warmed up
2 : tools' logos are rotated!
3 : tools' names might be upside-down!
4 : tools' letters are shuffled!

You can play this game once a day.

The more points you get, the more you climb the monthly leaderboard!

Keep practicing, you'll get better at it everyday!

The tools

The logos picked for this game are from the 100 spicy tools sponsoring RamenTools.

Want your tool to be there? Join our sponsors!

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